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When it comes to planning a new project, your choices can be overwhelming. If interior design is not your thing, you can always call on us for your next residential or commercial project.

At BLCN DESIGN we take care of everything, from floor plans to color schemes, wall coverings, furnishing, from advice tot execution and coördination.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to guide you through the entire process and make your project a success.

Our goal is to bring your ideas, vision and project to life.
Whatever your wishes, our expertise and resources help you complete your project within your budget.

We're passionated about what we do and strive to provide the best result and service.


1 / Appointment

"As a interior designer our first job is to listen to our customers".


Whether it concerns customers, residential or commercial, who have bought a new property, are planning a complete renovation or have recently carried out renovation work and just want to furnish, the first step is always to listen to their story. On the basis of photos, plans and an extensive tour, we discover the atmosphere and needs.

With this information, BLCN DESIGN gets to work to formulate the first substantiated proposals, measure rooms and show samples.

2 / Personalised advice

"I love it when people open up and let me look into their souls so I can help them create their unique interior."


We take the time to understand the client and their interests. With this knowledge and the impressions gained during the on-site tour, we go to work to formulate, straightforwardly and to the point, a detailed colour, interior, look & feel or overall advice.

Don't expect hollow sales pitches, but rather well-founded advice on how to make your interior more beautiful and functional.

3 / Detailed reference book

"It doesn't matter if things are old or new, as long as they have a soul."

How customers get soul into their interior is written down in a comprehensive reference book by BLCN DESIGN. This document describes our advice in detail, details of look & feel, flow, ROI, experience and finishing details.

With this transparent reference book, we can get straight down to creating a richer and matching interior.
Among other things, it enables us to formulate a concrete request to suppliers and partners, so that you receive comparable quotations.

4 / Explaining the reference work

In order to give customers a visual impression of our advice and to dispel any preconceptions, we invite them in. During this extensive conversation, which lasts about a few hours, we explain the advice and show examples.

On the basis of these consultations, the advice will be revised one last time and supplemented into a final reference work, including drawings, moodboards, technical plans, visuals, project time-schedule, etc.

5/ Realisation & follow-up

We follow up the entire interior design process from A to Z: we explain the desired techniques and plans to the subcontractors, even transform furniture ourselves in our workshop or make samples. In order to achieve a symbiosis between the spaces and the wishes of the lints, we use a lot of custom-made work.

During the duration of the project, we hold site meetings and site visits on a regular basis. We make adjustments where necessary and report to our customer.  After the end of the project, we take care of delivery and handling.


This extensive and detailed creative thought process from A to Z in different styles makes


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